Marc Gaber: Contemporary Business English: Practical Advice

This is a course to help students to be able to communicate in a way that would be recognized and appreciated by their counterparts in the international arena. It will help them to learn to share information clearly and succinctly while being diplomatic, and to give their opinion while respecting cultural differences when talking to colleagues.
The course focuses on level-appropriate grammar, introduces vocabulary specific to various business domains, and explains the finer points of business etiquette and business correspondence. Topics will be related to the workplace or the world of business.
As much as possible, illustrations from popular culture (books, videos) will be used.
The course will take place in Birojnīca, Berga Bazārs, starting from October 9 at 6.30 pm.
Estimated length of one lesson is 90 minutes.
Participation in the course requires an intermediate command of English.
Marc Gaber has many years of business experience in both government and private sectors in the USA, and is the former Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia. He has also served as senior risk management consultant for a major British insurance company in Latvia.

Lekciju saraksts


October 9 at 6.30pm in Birojnīca, Berga Bazārs


Introduction to global business cultures and business communications. How culture affects the way we speak, common expressions and social responses

The Importance of politeness in business – polite phrases and constructions

Various Idioms/ Expressions/ Business Vocabulary

Face-to-Face – Talking about products and brands, selling, negotiation, Voice projection, pronunciation, showing enthusiasm, contrastive stress, stress in phrasal verbs and tonality

Meetings – agreeing and disagreeing

Social Gatherings – Meeting & Greeting, making small talk, body language, smiling, providing personal information

Grammar – Word order, sequence of tenses




October 16 at 6.30pm in Birojnīca, Berga Bazārs


Culture of Business Communications

Share information clearly and succinctly while being diplomatic; share your thoughts but with a view to cultural differences

Written – Reports, letters, e-mail correspondence, sms (formal and informal), (style, tone, readability)

Grammar – the definite and indefinite article




October 23 at 6.30pm in Birojnīca, Berga Bazārs


Writing financial reports and statements

Grammar – modal verbs (can/ may/ must; should/ would etc.)

Vocabulary – financial terms


October 30 at 6.30pm in Birojnīca, Berga Bazārs


Presentations – appropriate language for different cultures, languages and situations

Telephone – The basics of customer service; professional telephone etiquette; taking and leaving Messages

Internet – advertising, social networks

Grammar – prepositions (in/ at; to/ for etc.)

Vocabulary – Internet terms, acronyms


Course wrap-up